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Stowarzyszenie Regatowe klasy 730

The 730 – what is it?


730 – means Polish regatta cabin yachts. Why 730 ? – this comes from yacht’s hull length - in international terms the equivalent would be 24 feet.

The sail plan is 30 m2 + 40 m2 of gennaker.

These fast and beautiful yachts posses nautical characteristics which ensure that both inland as well a coastal sailing is possible. The yachts, because of size, are manned with 4 sailors. Racing in these yachts requires good team work of crew members, high efficiency of the whole team and perfect performance while manoeuvring. Very high loads and accelerations, encountered especially when sailing downwind with high speeds, reaching 18 knots, require spars and rigging of highest quality.
All those features result in increasing popularity of the yachts also among sailors terminating their competitive careers in Olympic classes.
The yachts of 730 class are frequently compared to Melges 24 class, also 24 ft yachts, popular in the world. While of very similar parameters, the price of 730 class is remarkably lower, so the 730 yachts are much more accessible.

The most popular are designs by Polish architect, Andrzej Skrzat (Majestic 24 Racer).Other designs are also sailing, like designs by Judel&Vrojlik (MK Cafe 24), Adama Gintera (Gin 730), GC Yacht (SILNIA 730), Piotra Adamowicza (BOND 730). There are new designs appearing like Judel&Vrojlik (RP23) and Eugeniusz Ginter (XYZ 730).

Two years ago an Association was founded with membership of sailors competing in 730 yachts. Why this ? Noting dynamic developments in sailing and among them in 730 class we decided to create a body which could deal with organisation of events, arrange for class rules and for representation of competitors’ interests. In the outcome an effective Association was created, which developed a typical cruising class into something unique – sport class with practically no age limit – a choice and a bridge from amateur sailing to the competition at highest levels. This is also a bridge from small competitive yachts to large see-going regatta yachts.
At present, the 730 class is recognised as very professional, of high competitive level but open. Many persons take this class as a goal of their sport and financial activities.

Competitors who sail 730 yachts are regatta sailors, mostly members of sport clubs, many o them having past successes in waters of Europe and of the world. From the time when Roman Paszke sailed for the first time the MK Cafe Premium yacht – the forefather of 730 – the yacht changed very little in the design. This year and the previous one were remarkable by the number and the quality of competitors. The most important regatta had participation of 20 yachts and among them best Polish professional sailors: nearly full MK Cafe team headed by Karol Jabłoński (Baranowski, Wysocki, Życki, Przybylski, Ornowski), crew members from RACE2000 team, sailing POLPHARMA catamaran under Roman Paszke (Janecki, Pirjamowicz) and many top sailors, among others Leon Wróbel, Adam Liszkiewicz .
The regattas attract usually participation by matchless Zbyszek Kania, holder of many titles Piotr Adamowicz and the founding father of the Association Zbyszek Malicki and many other. We have a large group of young competitors coming from regatta clubs or even from amateur cruising.
The situation requires that in order to sail at top positions one must devote a lot of time for training and boat preparation – simply the crossbar is placed at a high level.

Sailing year 2001
In that sailing season 12 events were held, ranked for Cup of Poland of 730 Class. They were organised in many venues in Poland, on various waters. In addition two events were held in match racing formula. This concept is based not on racing together in fleet arrangement but in knock-out races one against another – leading to better transparency and giving more excitement to spectators – while requiring mastering boat to highest levels.
The Class enjoys general sponsorship of the OSTRÓDA YACHT S.A. Shipyard with participation of such companies as TRAMP TRAIL (trailers), NARVAL (sailmaker), CITIZEN (watches) and REICHHOLD (resins). Benefiting from this sponsorship and from occasional additional sponsors the regattas in 730 Class offered many prizes – in one case a record in Polish regatta was set – the GRAND PRIX in Mikołajki has offered as a prize the brand new yacht of 120 000 PLN value!!! Such a high valued prize has never been given before!
The variety of regatta conditions mentioned above resulted in top group of those, who could adapt best to changing conditions. In the final ranking for Poland Cup the first position went to unsurpassed Zbigniew Kania (OSTRÓDA YACHT), followed by Maciej Cylupa (DECEUNNICK MUSTO) and Ireneusz Pierwoła (REICHOLD – REJA).
In Polish Championship of 730 Class, held during the largest Polish event ‘IDEA GDYNIA SAILING DAYS’, the title went again to Zbigniew Kania, who was followed by two crews from D&M Sailing Team: of Michał Malicki and Robert Janecki. The Grand Prix prize, namely the yacht, was won in Mikołajki by Robert Janecki, who sailed in Deceuninck Musto.

Plans for 2002
The oncoming season promises still more attractions, since many new and famous skippers announced their intention to join the Class - like Leon Wróbel, once Polish representative at Olympics and many times Champion of Poland and Przemysław Tarnacki, ex-World Champion and Polish Champion in Micro Class at present. Thirteen events are scheduled, with 3 match racing evens, one of them the Ostróda Yacht Grand Prix. We expect participation of 25 to 30 yachts, what brings total of participating sailors to 150 and the value of yachts involved equal to 3 million zlotys!
We work now on arranging for media sponsors; the standing press sponsor is REJS monthly.

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